Let's do it right

To train more or harder, mostly, isn’t the best way to reach your goals. Everyone is to be treated as an individual, which is why we highly value the ratio between load and recovery. Thereby we enable you to train in a healthy way to reach your goals.

Routes redefined.

Discover new routes every day, no matter if you have a preferred distance, elevation gain or a route matching your kind of sport – with enducoROUTES we’ve got you covered.

You want to try something new and simply draw your own route? Well, enducoROUTES also does that for you.

All the features


Keep track of your training progress, fatigue and recovery! Our scientifically based fatigue monitoring helps you to control your training correctly.


Find the best route for your training – no matter where and for which sport! Have your routes generated or just draw them yourself.

Session Builder

Create your own training sessions as you like them.


Evaluate your training and compile your statistics.


It’s more fun together? Find training partners who train in the same zones and at the same speeds as you do!


And of course, you can also record every workout with enduco or add it manually afterwards.

Coming soon: Your digital coach for your endurance sport

To reach your goals in the best possible way we’re working on the first digital coach, who really helps you doing so. Highly individual, affordable for everyone and based on the latest scientific findings.



To make sure our AI does what we built it for, in the beginning we supervise the results in order to make sure what we promise.



Life is like a rollercoaster. Circumstances change everyday, and so does your training plan – always keeping the balance between load and recovery and keeping things flexible for you.


The big picture

There is more than coaching. With our wide range of tools around that we make sure to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you – be it planning your routes, finding matching training partners, pacing and much more.



Reaching your goal in the best possible way is what we want for you! Therefore we combine the worlds knowledge in training, science and your training data.

Your Data

Everything we build is designed to protect your privacy.

We strongly believe in privacy as a fundamental human right. Enduco uses your data to get you the very best results, but it is your data. Therefor we design our product to protect all that sensitive information.
The servers we use are based within the heart of Europe, in Germany. Everything we build for you is GDPR compliant and checked on a regular basis, so that a great experience doesn’t have to come at the expense of your privacy .

Stay up to date!

The project enduco is sponsored by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie and the Europäischer Sozialfonds in the context of Exist Gründerstipendium.