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for endurance sports in one app.

Individual, high-end performance coaching in one app.

Based on your experience in training, your health and habits, our AI coach provides you with your individual plan in order to be prepared best when the gun goes off.

More than Tracking.

We use AI to help you train efficiently and healthily.

No matter if you "only" want to finish a cycling marathon or if you want a top ten age group ranking in an individual time trial, no matter how old you are, if you are a rookie or an old hand in your sport - your training data is mostly just tracked - and we just go a bit further.

Adaptive Season Planning

Constant, automatic adaption of your training plan if you train less, more or not at all.

Training recommendations

Your training always remains optimally aligned with your goals.

Works with

You set the tone.

Your training plan is completely tailored to you, not the other way around.

With us, static training plans or extra payments to adapt your plan to your needs are a thing of the past. Things change over the course of life and over the course of the season. And so does your training plan with us.

  • Chat bot with adaptive training
  • Efficient adjustment of loading and relief phases

  • Efficient adjustment of loading and recovery phases
Goal setting & competitions

Set an infinite number of competitions as your goal for the season, and the training plan will be aligned accordingly.

FTP / FTHR Tests

Your Training plan includes regular FTP/FTHR tests to monitor your performance improvement.

Fatigue Monitoring

Based on your training data, the app calculates your estimated fatigue level.


Manage all your performance data and see how your workload and training success evolves over time.

How it works

In three steps to your individual training suggestion.

1. Track your workout

Record your training in the enduco app. The interfaces to third-party providers also allow you to use a device other than your mobile phone for recording in order to integrate further performance data.

2. Individual training plan

Taking into account your current form, our AI-controlled coach will generate a customized training plan for you with regard to your personal training goal and your training experience in the disciplines of running and/or cycling.

3. Constant adjustment

Once you have completed a workout the AI coach compares the actual state to your training plan. Based on the deviation, it then adjusts the plan for the future accordingly - similar to what a real trainer would do.

New feature

Welcome to enduco Crush!

With enduco Crushes you can challenge your friends – no matter where they are. Create a Crush, invite your friends, train, crush it!

Lets's crush it on enduco!
️Choose your Mode

Trailblazer or Equalizer? Choose your mode, set the distance and altitude. Whether running or cycling.


Create a crush, invite your friends and compete against them wherever they are.


Create a crush, invite your friends and compete against them wherever they are.

Crush it!

Train. Crush. Win. Repeat.

Athletic Training

Our exercises optimise your movement efficiency.

We understand that you like to power out on the bike and while running. To protect you from a too one-sided load and possible injury, we provide you with our guided athletic training a healthy and at the same time effective balance to your regular workouts.

  • All-round athletic training with photos and videos
  • Stabilisation and strengthening of the core as a useful addition
  • Healthy increase in motor, coordination and athletic skills.

Athletes love enduco

“enduco offers many good features that other apps do not have. The route function and clarity are especially appealing to me. I am eager to plan upcoming training sessions with the help of the app and to include the recovery guide.”

“In my opinion, feeling some pain is necessary if you want to make progress. But you should always keep an eye on rest days and when your body is telling you to take it easier. enduco supports me in this matter and their support is second to none.”
“The enduco app offers the possibility to plan my running and cycling training optimally. With the help of the recovery guide and the intelligent training control, I hope for even better training results.”


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Test 14 days for free.

enduco free


  • Fatigue Monitoring
  • Selected statistics
  • GPS-Tracking

enduco Pro

14,99 €

per month

  • Everything from free
  • unlimited number of competitions
  • Complete seasonal planning incl. rest days
  • Chat bot with adaptive training
  • Consideration of diseases and sleep
  • Efficient adjustment of the (un-)loading phases

Save on 6-month or 12-month payments:
79,99€ for 6 months (13,33€/month – save 11%)
119,99€ for 12 months (10,00€/month – save 33%)

Your data is safe with us!

Our app is designed to protect your privacy.

We strongly believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. enduco uses your data to give you the best results, yet it remains your data. That's why we design our products to protect all this sensitive information.
The servers we use are located in the heart of Europe, in Germany. Everything we develop for you is GDPR compliant and regularly checked, so a great experience doesn't have to come at the expense of your privacy.

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Start your individual training experience with enduco.

Whether for leisure or competition-oriented training, you define your sporting goals. Our training plan will help you achieve them efficiently and healthily.