Changing the way you experience endurance sports.

Ever thought training harder brings success faster? Well – sometimes this works, but mostly not. Everyone is individual, and that’s why we attach great importance to a perfect balance between load & recovery to enable a healthy, progressive workout.
With enducoLight we offer a solution for everyone.
For those who train for competition, enducoPro is just the right choice.

Simple, easy to use and developed along your needs.

Until now, putting training routes together simply isn’t as easy as it should be. With enducoRoutes, that’s exactly what we change. Generate or draw your routes based on your needs, such as distance, vertical meters and type of sport. Not quite there yet? Edit them as you wish before experiencing it in training!

enducoRoutes is included in enducoLight.

We care about your Data!

Everything we build is designed to protect your privacy.

We strongly believe in privacy as a fundamental human right. enduco uses your data to get you the very best results, but it still is your data. Therefore we design our products to protect all that sensitive information.
The servers we use are based within the heart of Europe, in Germany. Everything we build for you is GDPR compliant and checked on a regular basis, so that a great experience does not have to come at the expense of your privacy .

Competence and science

Everything we create is scientifically proven.

We strongly believe that healthy progress through training should be scientifically backed. Therefore we maintain a strong network within the scientific community world wide. Besides relying on the latest findings in Sport Science, we plan to conduct studies in cooperation with world class institutes ourselves.