Healthy and fit employees
- healthy business.

It is no longer a secret that healthy employees have a positive impact on the company. However, we also know that sport is not just sport, but that it depends on the right training. That's why, with enduco, we also want to offer companies the opportunity to provide their employees with the tools for healthy and progressive training. Our training plans are currently suitable for running and cycling, but other sports will be added regularly.

Of course, we go one step further and think fitness together with employee engagement. You can find out more about this as a beta tester.

Works with

enduco for employees

Your employees get all enduco Pro features at their disposal. Of course, also our individual AI training planning, which generates an individual training plan for each of your employees and adapts it based on the respective training. Should a meeting come up, the plan can easily be changed via chat.

  • Individual AI training plan
  • Chat-Bot
  • Adaption of loading and recovery phases

  • Consideration of diseases and sleep

Our Beta program

Current state

You can already use enduco in your company. Of course, you will receive special conditions for your company depending on how many employees want to use the offer. Your employees can then make full use of enduco Pro.

Upcoming features

We are currently in the process of implementing additional features for companies. The sooner you and your company are involved, the sooner you can test out the new features and, of course, help shape them!

Hosted in Germany. Of course DSGVO compliant.

We strongly believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. enduco uses your data to give you the best results, yet it remains your data. That's why we design our products to protect all this sensitive information.
The servers we use are located in the heart of Europe, in Germany. Everything we develop for you is GDPR compliant and regularly checked, so a great experience doesn't have to come at the expense of your privacy.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

No matter if you still have questions or if you have already decided for enduco, we are looking forward to your message.

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