Get your team moving - the right way.

There are plenty of providers for "sports at work". We tailor healthy☝️endurance training individually☝️to internal company events. This can be a charity run or a bike ride of any distance.

Decentralized teams thus have a fair opportunity for comparison without training becoming too intensive (or too relaxed 😉) for the individual.

How does it work?

1. Getting started

You can register your company yourself. Once we have activated your company, you can invite other administrators and your team members.

2. create challenges

Let's go - create your challenges and invite your employees to the challenges. For example: For one month, you want to ride 1,000 km as a team. For every kilometer ridden, the company donates a fixed amount 🙌

3. make progress

In the dashboard you can see how your employees are training. No personal data is displayed, only general data. You can motivate your employees with further challenges 💪.

enduco for employees

Your employees get all enduco Pro features at their disposal. Of course, also our individual AI training planning, which generates an individual training plan for each of your employees and adapts it based on the respective training. Should a meeting come up, the plan can easily be changed via chat.

  • Individual AI training plan
  • Chat-Bot
  • Adaption of loading and recovery phases

  • Consideration of diseases and sleep
  • Overview of the company events

Hosted in Germany. Of course GDPR compliant.

We strongly believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. enduco uses your data to give you the best results, yet it remains your data. That's why we design our products to protect all this sensitive information.
The servers we use are located in the heart of Europe, in Germany. Everything we develop for you is GDPR compliant and regularly checked, so a great experience doesn't have to come at the expense of your privacy.

Try enduco for business 14 days for free!

You can easily test enduco for business free of charge for 14 days in the team to convince yourself. You can fully use the app and the dashboard.