What it’s like to work as an online performance marketing intern at enduco

Hi Hannah! What exactly do you do at enduco? If someone asked you to describe your activities in three words – what would your answer be?

Hi! I am currently doing an internship at enduco for online performance marketing. My tasks there are varying. I have different tasks, like creating, proofreading and uploading content for blog posts, social media posts and other online appearances. However, I also have the opportunity to get an insight into other areas, such as finance or sports science. The team is friendly and there is a relaxed atmosphere among each other. If I have any questions or if I don’t get along with a task very well, I can ask at any time and I get help immediately. If I had to describe the work in three words, these would be teamwork, goal-oriented and innovative.

What was the reason you decided to do an internship at enduco?

As part of my studies, I should have completed an internship abroad, which unfortunately was not possible due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. When I finished my bachelor thesis, I decided to do an internship in Germany instead, so that I could gain further practical experience despite the current situation. enduco was very appealing to me because of the exciting subject matter. I was also enthusiastic about the opportunity to work in a start-up for a certain period of time. It was definitely a good decision to spend the short time between my bachelor and master studies at enduco and thus broaden my knowledge, especially in the marketing area.

What do you like most about it?

I like the working atmosphere in the whole team. Everyone is fully focused on their work and tasks, but nevertheless, there is always a relaxed atmosphere in the office, which makes working even more pleasant. I also like the variety that comes with the work. Up to now, I have had to deal with a different, larger block of tasks every week and have also managed smaller tasks on the side, which makes my work very exciting.

What could you take away/learn for yourself so far?

During the short time I have been working at enduco, I have already learnt a lot in the field of online marketing. Although I have also had the opportunity to get an insight into other areas, I have been able to gather a lot of new positive experiences. I am sure that I will choose marketing as the main subject of my Master’s degree.

How do you think the differences between working in a start-up and a more established company are?

Above all, the flat hierarchies strengthen the interaction among each other and everyone approaches their work with enthusiasm. In addition, the hands-on-menatlity allows you to get even more involved with different tasks and the team is able to support each other better. Due to the diverse activities, I can learn a lot in a short period of time being part of a start-up and gain a lot of new experience for my later professional life.

Closing words?

I am extremely happy to gain further practical experience at enduco and to be able to learn a lot more. I’m curious to see what the next few weeks of my internship will bring and above all, how often I will look back on my time at enduco and my experiences during and after my master studies.

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