What it’s like to work as an online performance marketing intern at enduco

Hi Stella! What exactly do you do at enduco? If someone asked you to describe your activities in three words - what would your answer be?

Hey, I'm currently an intern in the Online Performance Marketing team and have been with enduco since September 2020. 

My tasks include the work around the social media area, planning blog posts, helping out at appointments with our partners, and various research work. In addition, I have the opportunity to get a taste of other areas, such as sports science. As part of my studies, I will also be doing some research, which will hopefully yield enlightening results that enduco can use for its further development.

I think to describe my work so far in just three words would be too little. There is much more to it than meets the eye. There are various projects, processes, and activities in which you are directly involved as an intern, without having the feeling of being just an intern, but rather an employee like everyone else in the team. To sum it up in a few words I would use the following: extremely interesting, lively, exciting, and challenging. But that is by far not everything. A start-up is much more than that.

What was the reason you decided to do an internship at enduco?

My studies include an internship semester of six months and I decided to do this at enduco. I found it very exciting because it is a start-up and I really wanted to experience this renowned atmosphere myself. In addition, I think I can learn a lot for my future professional life. And so far, I’d say I can confirm that.

In addition, I could not imagine working in a "rigid" company with strict hierarchies. For this reason, I decided to work with enduco, which I think was the right choice.

What do you like most about it?

As I mentioned earlier, I think the typical start-up atmosphere has something very special that you don't find everywhere. We are literally a team that has a single goal: to make enduco the best endurance sports app. The best part is that you have so much fun at work that you don't even realize you're actually doing real work.

In addition to the work atmosphere, my coworkers are super sweet and you feel like you're in good hands right from the start, which takes away the initial nervousness of your very first day at work.

What could you take away/learn for yourself so far?

Working in a start-up as a young professional was a very good decision because you get to know the structure of working life step-by-step while having a lot of fun at work. I learned what it means to work on a task in such a way that the end product is good and what paths you have to take to get there.

Communication became more and more important during my internship because nothing works without it. It's important to let your co-workers know when you're stuck, for example, so they can quickly help you.

Overall, I was able to have very good experiences and hope to have more positive experiences by the end of the internship. In addition, I was able to meet cool and ambitious people.

How do you think the differences between working in a start-up and a more established company are?

As already explained, the differences are massive. The fast pace of a start-up plays a major role here, which is not the case in a strictly regulated company.

You deal with your employees in a humorous and friendly manner, which directly creates an almost family atmosphere. In my opinion, you can only experience such aspects in a start-up.

Closing words?

My internship is not over yet, so I have the opportunity to gain further experience that can help me in my life as well as help enduco. But so far I can say that I am very grateful for being able to gain my first professional experience in such a company.

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