What it’s like to work as a co-founder and IT nerd at enduco

Hi Bene! What exactly do you do at enduco? If someone asked you to describe your activities in three words – what would be your answer?

Hello! Between coffee breaks, table-tennis matches, pizza and meetings, there are several roles in which I find myself in the company. Above all, I am co-founder of enduco. For me, this means that I can participate in goal-oriented decisions, shape the company’s philosophy, work for what drives me internally and have the opportunity to pursue the goals I have set myself.

As a graduate computer scientist, I also belong to the IT nerds in the team. I am mainly responsible for the development of our app. As an Apple enthusiast, I am mostly developing on the iOS side.

Even if many people don’t necessarily realise it, there is much more IT effort behind an app than just the development of the app itself. That’s why in my role as IT nerd I not only work in app development, but also on the conception of AI-based algorithms for training data evaluation and the logic in the background. For example, the algorithm for generating routes was developed by me (unless, of course, the route generation doesn’t work for you – in which case I’ve never heard of it).

However, my role in the company is not limited to pure programming. The conception of new features, the friendly answering of support requests, accompanying front-end developers, managing selected IT tasks, receiving various suggestions for improvement regarding the app from the team, the close cooperation with our design department and communicating with sports science are also part of my role. And yes, in a SportsTech start-up even an IT nerd has to understand the science behind endurance sports and even go for it from time to time – an explosive mix!

If I now count the number of words, I count 264, which I don’t think can be reduced any further, especially considering the things that are missing in this list. And fortunately my work is so versatile that it cannot be reduced to three words!

P.S.: I hope nobody really counts the words, I rather spend my spare time in coffee breaks, table-tennis matches, pizza and meetings!

What was the reason you decided to co-found enduco?

I like the idea of making a difference. To create something new. To work on my goals and to participate in product development. It is a privilege to have professional independency. Even if it often means working by yourself and constantly. I did not want to work for someone else, but for our team and for our vision!

I am also an enthusiastic racing driver (the choice of words here has deliberately fallen on “enthusiastic” and not “professional”). I was directly convinced by the idea of developing an all-in-one solution for endurance athletes, also because such a solution would otherwise be missing. And a world without enduco – I really did not want to do that to anyone!

How do you think the differences between working in a start-up and a more established company are? What do you particularly like about it?

Table-tennis tables are now part of the obligatory start-up furniture – that’s a clear advantage! Even if this doesn’t sound like a valid answer, there is a deeper meaning to it. It’s the modern way of looking at things, being open – when everything is new anyway – the enormous motivation in the team, the willingness to move outside the familiar, to learn and to get involved, to think beyond boundaries because boundaries seem so intangible, to seek structure but not force it, to be young, dynamic, to regard spontaneous agility as normal – all the things that you don’t imagine exactly under a standard office routine. And that includes the table-tennis table in the middle of the office.

What could you take away/learn for yourself so far?

I learn so much every day, and I am grateful for it. There is so much that universities simply cannot teach. And I’m not necessarily just talking about practical experience. Working as a team and being efficient is a big task – we are all constantly improving and learning. As co-founders, it is also part of the job to fine-tune the philosophy and the general conditions. I also learn about this every day. Above all, I learn how my behaviour can influence others. How I should behave in a focused team, and which side of my personality to show at what time. Mastering the balancing act between the role as a professional employee in the office and the loose behaviour off work is always a challenge. I am developing personally through enduco, and I am noticing this more and more!

Closing words?

I cannot imagine any working atmosphere in which I would feel happier than the one I can create myself. I like to feel a sense of responsibility, as well as the healthy pressure to perform, which probably accompanies every young company. It motivates me a lot to design, accompany and develop my own product and to read one of the positive reviews of our app at the end of a long working day. But most of all I am proud of the whole team: we all work together in unison to create and move things. This creates an astonishing dynamic!

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