What it’s like to work as a marketing intern at enduco

Hi, Hanna! What exactly do you do at enduco? If someone asked you to describe your activities in three words – what would your answer be?

I’m currently writing my master thesis at enduco on the topic “Acceptance and Use of Mobile Training and Coaching Applications” – more about this later… I am studying marketing and have been thinking about writing my thesis in a company for quite some time, mainly because I didn’t only want to spend my time in the library. It was by chance that I got the opportunity to write my thesis at enduco.

My thesis investigates how users apply and use the app, how it is integrated into their training and what added value they get from the app. The aim is to uncover existing weaknesses to improve the app and provide the user with the best possible benefits. A survey will be conducted, which will be analysed to derive both general and specific recommendations for marketing. I would say, in summary, my work can be described as practical, goal-oriented and sporty.

What was the reason for writing your thesis at enduco?

As I already briefly mentioned, I have sought the connection to practice. So the possibility to write my thesis here is perfect for me. I now have a practical reference in my work, I can gain insight into the company and experience how a start-up develops – which I find super exciting.

The theory can also be combined very well with a topic that I am interested in myself. In my opinion, this is very important, as you have a more motivated approach to your work. Additionally, I hope that the company will also benefit from my work to use the scientific know-how and that it will ultimately be able to implement the recommendations directly, so that it can meet the demands of the users even more intensively.

What do you like most about it?

I particularly like the work and the atmosphere here in the team and in the office. Since everyone is very motivated to their work, you are more involved in the topic and don’t lose sight of the final goal. The team is essentially made up of sports scientists, IT specialists, marketers and external staff who, for example, help with the visual design of various features or act as advisors. This colourful mixture makes the team interesting and has the advantage of having a direct contact person for most problems.

As far as my thesis is concerned, I have a lot of freedom here and can work very flexibly. If I need support, I can approach the employees at any time to get ideas or feedback. So I have two supervisors – the contact person at enduco and my academic supervisor at the university.

In addition, I get an insight into the daily work routine and the corporate culture at enduco. Being a provider of a training and coaching application, the sporting component is of course not neglected. We go running together every second day and whoever feels like it can also let off steam on the bike. That way you can clear your head in between working hours and get your training done during your lunch break. The newly furnished office is also a treat with a comfortable couch, kitchen, podcast studio, meeting room, table tennis table, more than enough coffee and everything else your heart desires, all of which makes for a pleasant working atmosphere.

What could you take away/learn for yourself so far?

There is a constant feeling that everyone has the will to develop an app that satisfies the user. To see this motivation and enthusiasm is really great. It shows how important good cooperation, goal-orientation, focus and a good network are to develop an app. Through the joint activities and the exchange of ideas, fun is not neglected, which is of course also important.

Does the time with us help you to define your professional goals for the future (more precisely)?

It has been clear to me for quite some time that I would like to train in the field of marketing following my master thesis and after graduation. This intention to enter directly into practice and not pursue an academic career has definitely been confirmed here. I am looking forward to applying the knowledge I have acquired during my studies in practice and to take advantage of career opportunities for myself.

Closing words?

Based on my experience, I can only recommend that everyone should write their thesis in a practical way. If you find a topic that interests you in this way and the company benefits from it at the same time, it is a clear win-win situation. In a young company with a manageable team size, you experience a less distanced working atmosphere and thus learn about processes much faster. Especially in a start-up, I think it is exciting to follow the development and see how the application is constantly improving and how the app gains users through targeted marketing activities. Getting an insight into the work at enduco – whether in the form of a thesis, as an employee, as a follower of a social media channel or as a user of the app – is definitely worthwhile.

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