Training status

Your current training status will always be best in the optimal range of 0.8 and 1.3. If you stay in this range, we can guarantee that you will be training in a healthy manner that helps prevent the onset of overuse symptoms.

Training form

Your chronological average workload (CWL) describes your fitness. If you subtract your acute workload (AWL) from your fitness (CWL), you get the measure for your form (CWL-AWL). If you are currently training more than your body is prepared to perform, your fatigue increases and your current form decreases. If you recover by lowering your current load, your form will increase again.

Training monitoring

One of the easiest methods is to indicate the intensity after each training session using the modified Forster scale. This scale goes from 0 to 10 and gives you the possibility to determine your subjective load using the session RPE "ratings of perceived exertion".

Running factor

The Running Factor is an additional factor for calculating your workload. It takes into account not only the subjective feeling of strain but also the strain on tendons and ligaments during a running session.