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enduco - AI training app for cycling, running, and soon more
Whether recreational or competition-oriented, with our Freemium version (Light) and our Pro Version we offer the right tools for every objective. Training is in the foreground at enduco. Using the latest technology and research results, (training) data is used to provide future, meaningful training recommendations. Users thus achieve their individual goals efficiently and healthily at the same time. Third party interfaces also make it possible to use a device other than your phone for tracking, thus integrating additional, meaningful performance data.

enduco Light vs. enduco Pro - your digital assistant vs. your digital trainer
Assistant vs. Coach - which is which? Quite simple. The Assistant in the Light version provides you with individual suggestions for your next workout. You don't plan any competitions and just want to improve your performance in a healthy way? Then the free Light Version is just right for you. Do you train competitively and want to measure yourself against others, be as prepared as possible at the starting line, and not have to say afterwards that you could have done even better? Then you should test the Pro version with the Coach.

enduco Routes - Discover your surroundings in a completely new way
Generate suitable training routes based on altitude and distance that perfectly match your personal training session - or simply draw a route on your screen freely with your finger. No matter if on- or off-road: We take into account which bike or shoe you are on and navigate you along your routes via GPS.

About enduco
enduco - your digital coach for cycling!
enduco is a combination of "endurance" and "coach" and describes well what we offer in digital form - a coach for endurance athletes. We change the way you experience endurance sports. No matter what your goals are, how young you are or how long you've been doing your sport, there must be different training recommendations for each training goal and type. You define your athletic goals - we help you achieve them!

Become a part of #teamenduco and join our mission to make science-based endurance training accessible to everyone.

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André Siegl
enduco GmbH
Feldmannstraße 22a
66119 Saarbrücken


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