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Your new personal trainer for endurance sports now fits in your smartphone! enduco creates an individual seasonal and training plan for you, based on your goal and your current fitness level, which always adapts to you.

The most important at a glance:

  • AI-based, individual season and training planning for cyclists - based on your personal fitness level and individual season goals
  • Constant, automatic adjustment of your training schedule if you train less, more or not at all.
  • Performance tests such as FTP tests to determine your FTP/FTHR and adjust your training if necessary.
  • Import your workouts via major providers like Strava, Garmin, Polar and Co.
  • Meaningful and comprehensive statistics on all your training data - from the change in your fitness success to calories burned and back again to important performance indicators
  • Route creation by drawing or generation

enduco - your digital coach for cycling!

You plan your training meticulously and want to show your best performance at competitions? From here on, the enduco Coach takes over. The digital coach in the Pro version plans your season tailored and adapted to your planned competitions. Using artificial intelligence, it adapts your training plan day by day, should you not be able to train as planned. There are many reasons for this. Tell your coach and he will recalculate your training plan in seconds. Always with the goal of ensuring that you are as well prepared as possible at the starting line.

enduco Routes - Discover your surroundings in a completely new way
Generate suitable training routes based on altitude and distance that perfectly match your personal training session - or simply draw a route on your screen freely with your finger. No matter if on- or off-road: We take into account which bike or shoe you are on and navigate you along your routes via GPS.

We focus on training.

The focus of enduco is on your training. The evaluation is always based on the latest findings of sports science. In addition, with enduco Routes (more soon), we offer you everything that makes your everyday training easier.

Better together.

We believe that it doesn't always make sense to copy what already exists - and rely on partnerships & interfaces. You want to link your existing Strava, Garmin, Polar or Fitbit account? No problem! You can connect all popular third-party providers in your profile.

About enduco
enduco - your digital coach for cycling!
enduco is a combination of "endurance" and "coach" and describes well what we offer in digital form - a coach for endurance athletes. We change the way you experience endurance sports. No matter what your goals are, how young you are or how long you've been doing your sport, there must be different training recommendations for each training goal and type. You define your athletic goals - we help you achieve them!

Become a part of #teamenduco and join our mission to make science-based endurance training accessible to everyone.

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André Siegl
enduco GmbH
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