– for those who want to do better.

Tracking and analysing your training was yesterday. We go one step further and predict your next training sessions, completely based on your individual training data. enducoLight analyses your current fitness state and suggests your next training session based on that. Sounds cool already? There is more: Get the best routes generated matching your next training session!

Workout Prediction –
really individual

Ever wondered how much to train next? After your workout enducoLight will display your best training for the next days, calculated by our AI. Also, enduco highlights the one training that would guarantee you the most benefit. Depending on your schedule, you then can choose one of the suggested trainings. That way, a healthy development of your form is guaranteed.

Statistic insights, Tracking and Workout overview

Helping you to understand the dependency between training and recovery, as well as the influence of other factors – such as sleep, nutrition and many more – we display your current and predicted form and fatigue. Of course, we also display other important statistics, such as kilometers/sport/time and much more.

Redefining the way of generating routes for your training

In combination with enducoLight, our tool enducoRoutes perfectly shows the power behind it: Easily find routes matching your next training session. Planning a certain distance or elevation gain? We got you covered. Save routes, edit them, navigate along or export them.