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Scientific AI Training Prediction.
Based on your individual workout data. 

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The most powerful AI-Coach for Endurance Athletes in one single App.

We combine sports science with artificial intelligence to help you train efficiently an healthily. Adaptive, and based on your workouts. Ever thought training harder brings success faster? Well – sometimes this works, but mostly not. Everyone is individual, and that’s why we attach great importance to a perfect balance between load & recovery to enable a healthy, progressive workout.

Tracking and analysing your training was yesterday. We go one step further and predict your next training sessions, completely based on your individual training data. The enduco Assistant uses AI to analyse your current fitness state and suggests your next training session based on that. Depending on your schedule, you can choose one of the suggested workouts. In this way, a healthy development of your form is guaranteed.

Our Coach plans your whole season and adapts to your individua needs. enduco is a combined term from “endurance” and “coach”. We are changing the way you experience endurance sports. No matter whether your goal is to finish a cycling marathon or compete for the top 10 rankings at an individual time trial, whether you are a rookie or an old hand in your sport – there are different training recommendations for every training goal and every training type. Based on your goals, performance data, training experience, health and habits, our AI coach will create your individual training plan. Slept badly? No time for training today? Injured? No problem. Our adaptive training plan adapts to you automatically.

More about our AI-Coach

Based on your training data, the app calculates your estimated fatigue level. It tells you how much strain your body is currently under. To avoid over- or undertraining, you should always refer to the recovery guide.

Explore your world in a completely new way. Generate training routes based on altitude and distance that are perfectly matched to your personal training session – or simply draw a route on your screen with your finger. Save your routes in a library, edit them as you like, export them or navigate along the route.

When training on unfamiliar terrain, it can be difficult to focus on orientation and training at the same time. Whether on or off-road: We got you covered and navigate you along your routes via GPS. In this way, you can focus more on your speed, technique and strength during training.

We help you understand the connection between training and recovery and the influence of other factors - such as sleep, nutrition and many others - by showing your current and predicted shape and fatigue. Of course, we also display other important statistics such as kilometers, time and much more.

How it works

In three steps to your individual training suggestion.

Whether for leisure or competition-oriented training, with enduco we start where other platforms reach their limits. Training data is not only collected to be divided or statistically processed into graphs, but it can also be used to give future training recommendations. This helps you to achieve your training goals efficiently and in a healthy manner.

Track your workout in the enduco app. Our Third-party connections also allow you to use a different device other than your mobile phone to track your training so that you can integrate additional, meaningful performance data.

How fit are you really? We tell you, based on your training data and information about yourself, such as age, weight, gender, height, nutrition type and performance data. The analysis is always based on the latest findings of sports science.

Taking into account your current form, our AI-powered assistant will make a tailor-made suggestion for your next training session with regard to your personal training goal and your training experience in the disciplines running and/or cycling.

Athletes love enduco

“enduco offers many good features that other apps do not have. The route function and clarity are especially appealing to me. I am eager to plan upcoming training sessions with the help of the app and to include the recovery guide.”

“In my opinion, feeling some pain is necessary if you want to make progress. But you should always keep an eye on rest days and when your body is telling you to take it easier. enduco supports me in this matter and their support is second to none.”
“The enduco app offers the possibility to plan my running and cycling training optimally. With the help of the recovery guide and the intelligent training control, I hope for even better training results.”


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Whether for leisure or competition-oriented training, you define your sporting goals. We help you to achieve them efficiently and healthily.