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Support period of the EXIST Start-up Grant ends for enduco

Today ends our - due to the COVID-19 pandemic extended - funding period of the #EXIST Founder's Grant! In February 2019, the Federal Minister of Economics, Peter Altmeier, presented us with the notice of funding in the State Chancellery of Saarbrücken. On April 1, we started and we can say that the support has helped us significantly to get where we are today. Our "small" startup has now developed into a 14-member team, which only recently reached another major milestone with the release of the enduco Assistant and the improvement of enduco Routes. Or as they say in Saarland: Great things are always created in small things. But what is actually created?

enduco ‒ Die beste KI-Trainings-App für Rad- und LaufsportlerInnen

Whether for leisure or competition-oriented training, with enduco we start where other platforms reach their limits. Training data is not only collected to be divided or statistically processed into graphs, but it can also be used to give future training recommendations. This helps you to achieve your training goals efficiently and in a healthy manner. Third-party connections also allow you to use a different device other than your mobile phone to track your training so that you can integrate additional, meaningful performance data.

enduco Assistant ‒ dynamic, individual, AI-based training 

How fit are you really? We’ll tell you based on your training data and individual information such as age, weight, gender, height, nutrition type and performance data. Taking your current form into account, our AI-controlled assistant will make you a tailor-made proposal for your next training session, based on your personal training goal and your training experience in the disciplines running and/or cycling. This evaluation is based on the latest findings in sports science.

enduco Routes ‒ Explore your world in a completely new way

Generate training routes based on altitude and distance that are perfectly matched to your personal training session – or simply draw a route on your screen with your finger. Whether on or off-road: We got you covered and navigate you along your routes via GPS.

About enduco

enduco is a combined term from “endurance” and “coach”. enduco is changing the way you experience endurance sports. No matter whether your goal is to finish a cycling marathon or compete in the top 10 rankings at an individual time trial, whether you are 30 or 75 years old, whether you are a rookie or an old hand in your sport – there are different training recommendations for every training goal and every training type. You define your sporting goals – we help you to achieve them!  

Become part of #teamenduco and join our mission to make scientifically-based endurance training accessible to everyone.

A big Thank you!

During this time we were not only supported financially, but also by the help and advice of many people. This is not a matter of course, and we appreciate it very much - so we would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again: Mana Mojadadr, Sascha Schwindling, KWT, Christine Görgen, EXIST, Federal Ministry of Economics, Saarland (Federal State).


To download the enduco App for free, visit the App Store or Google Play Store. To learn more about enduco, visit die enduco Website.

Press contact

André Siegl
enduco GmbH
Feldmannstraße 22a
66119 Saarbrücken

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