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Yes, we will gradually integrate more sports into the app, which can then be used and scheduled either individually, or in combination with other sports. Next up is running and swimming.

Unfortunately, Wahoo itself does not currently allow direct transfer from app to app (enduco to Wahoo), which is why a detour via a PC/Mac is still necessary at the moment. 

  1. Step: Export of the planned coach training as .fit file
  2. Step: Transfer the .fit file of the planned workout to your PC/Mac.
  3. Step: Connect Wahoo device pers USB cable to Mac and drag .fit file to workout folder of your Wahoo 
  4. Step: Select and start training on Wahoo device

We are currently in touch with Wahoo to make the transfer easier and more intuitive. Maybe you can even support us by sending a message to Wahoo. If you want to do that you can find here (https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). Just mention the wish to connect enduco. If Wahoo gets many requests for this, something might happen faster.

Stelle unter Profil > Connections sicher, dass du mit Garmin Connect verbunden bist. Gehe dann auf dein geplantes Training und drücke auf den Export Button oder die drei Punkte daneben, um „hochladen zu Garmin Connect Account“ auszuwählen. Dein Training sollte nun in deinem Gamin Connect Account sein.

In general, you can also do your enduco training in Zwift. The direct connection must still be approved by Zwift, we are in touch with Zwift. Currently you can simply export your training as a .zwo file and import it into Zwift 👌🏼.

ENG: You can do this easily in your profile. Under the menu item "Personal settings" - "Profile info" - "Delete account". This deletes your account at enduco and all imported data. 

Before you do, we are very interested in what led up to this. Please let us know here so that we know what we can do better in the future.

Important: Deleting the account does not delete your subscription to enduco pro! You must cancel it separately in the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore, as your subscription and the associated payments are managed through it.

All payments and subscriptions are managed through the Apple AppStore (iOS) or Google PlayStore (Android). We do not receive any information about your payments, payment information or the like. You can find out exactly how this works here:

for iOS: here
for Android: here

The algorithm is currently not yet optimized for shorter distances, so unfortunately this can happen. Of course we are working on improving this. 

Until we have remedied this, however, you can edit routes afterwards using the drawing icon or the eraser icon. With the draw icon you can simply draw new parts (so that old ones are skipped), or with the eraser icon you can erase unpopular sections.

Android: Coupon codes for Android can only be redeemed in the Google PlayStore. You can find out how to redeem the code there here:


iOS: You can enter the coupon codes either directly in the app on the purchase screen or in the AppStore. You can find out how to do this here: