enduco starts cooperation with SP Connect™

With enduco we offer an all-in-one solution for cyclists and runners. With the introduction of our new enduco Assistant, we enable you to achieve your training goals efficiently and healthily thanks to our AI-based approach. Combined with the new functions in enduco Routes, you can generate suitable training routes based on altitude and distance, which are perfectly adapted to your personal training session – or simply draw a route on your screen with your finger and let yourself be navigated. No matter whether on- or off-road: We take into account which bike you are riding or which shoe you are running in.

To ensure that your mobile phone is also protected in every situation, we cooperate with SP Connect™ The SP Connect™ cradle system offers the fastest and safest way to attach your smartphone. It offers a wide range of products for your mobile phone and smart mounts for cycling, running, driving, and other activities.

If you use the “ENDUCO20”, you will get a 20% discount on your next order. You can read more about the products of SP Connect™ under the following link: https://sp-connect.de/discount/ENDUCO20

Note: These are not affiliate links – we do not receive any commission, we just give you the opportunity to save a few percent 🙂

enduco App Download

To download the enduco App for free, visit the App Store or Google Play Store. To learn more about enduco, visit the enduco website.

About enduco

enduco is a combined term from “endurance” and “coach”. enduco is changing the way you experience endurance sports. No matter whether your goal is to finish a cycling marathon or compete in the top 10 rankings at an individual time trial, whether you are 30 or 75 years old, whether you are a rookie or an old hand in your sport – there are different training recommendations for every training goal and every training type. You define your sporting goals – we help you to achieve them!  

Become part of #teamenduco and join our mission to make scientifically-based endurance training accessible to everyone.

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