Author: Stella Blauth

Regenbogensalat im Glas

Rainbow salad in a jar

The UEFA discussion is currently everywhere on the internet, which inspired us to today's recipe. The theme of today's recipe: Colorful and non-conventional! The topic is very close to our hearts, because



What would Christmas be without gingerbread? Exactly, we do not know either. Therefore, comes Christmas’s most delicious recipe, which cannot be missed during this festive season. With this recipe, you feel the typical Christmas feeling and...



Auf den Weihnachtsmarkt mit Freunden oder Familie gehen, Glühwein oder Kinderpunsch trinken und die vorweihnachtliche Zeit genießen. So war es zumindest im letzten Jahr, vor der Pandemie. In diesem Jahr ist es traurigerweise leider nicht…