Turn feedback into new

"Feedback is super important to us!" - you hear or read this sentence from us relatively often. But what do we do with it? Listening to everything and nodding it off nicely - not enough. We discuss every single point and consider how we can bring the points brought to us into line with our internal strategy in the product, the app.

Out came in the last - admittedly somewhat longer iteration - our latest update. Internally called Coach 3.0. Sometimes, quite ambitiously, even 4.0.

What has happened? So einges. A lot is directly visible, a lot concerns the algorithm itself and therefore only becomes visible in the results. I will go into the individual points in a bit more detail here.

The completely revised app design

We had noticed quite quickly that the previous design was good in itself, but still caused confusion. The search for the cause took some time. The whole thing was ultimately due to the fact that we only advertised the Pro version, but it wasn't visual enough in the app. So users came to the app and assumed - quite rightly from their point of view - that they were already using the Pro version. However, this was not the case. This led to disappointment about the advertised features, which the users had not yet discovered. So it was clear that this had to be made much clearer. 

And so we have focused the app in the new design much more on "Pro" and reduced the features of the freemium version (yes, new wording - formerly light version). The focus is on your training and everything you need for it should be made easily accessible.

A new adaptation & planning algorithm

Of course, I have to keep a low profile here, as this is one of the core components of enduco. So I can't go into the exact functionality at this point, but we noticed over time after the launch in February that there were always minor (and yes, sometimes major) problems in one place or another when adjusting the training. Incidentally, this is also related to the chat, which has also been completely reworked. The result of the new algorithm is a much more individual training, which adapts to you more often to get the best out of it.

Running as another sport

"Finally!" some will think to themselves now, because running was really frequently requested. Just like before with cycling, from now on you can also plan your running training - no matter if with planned competitions or not. In the next step we are working on setting up a season with both sports. For the start there is the "workaround", where every training can be changed to the other sport. Of course we are already working on other sports!

And now - all ready?

Not for a long time yet. Our roadmap is set, the app will continue to develop - also with your help!

Until then, have fun with the update (where we are of course also happy about feedback of all kinds!) and success in training!


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