Community Standards

We trust that everyone will be “sporty” and fair with each other. Nevertheless, we have some thoughts on “rules of the game” that apply to all our users and are listed here.

However, we are aware of the fact, that we can’t check on all of them regularly. To do so, besides common sense, we also need you!

If you have suggestions or comments, then let us know! Just write an e-mail to bebetter@enduco.app


1. Online

Be kind

That’s basically everything. Whoever mobs or misbehaves has lost nothing in our community. Here we rely on common sense.


Respect other users

Respect each other. Everyone provides different services, has different views, sexual or religious orientation. None of this makes one “better”, “worse”.


Your right to privacy

Your data is yours. Of course, to be able to offer you our services in the best possible way, we have to save a few things about you. However, we do not pass this on to third parties, or only to a degree that it cannot be proven from whom the data originally came from. Here we refer above all to our cooperation with research. Of course, you are also responsible for everything you share through our platform – for example in a chat. We encourage everyone to be careful with their own data.


Leave bad mood somewhere different – maybe during training?

As mentioned above: Grumble somewhere else. Lace up your running shoes and let go of your bad mood with a bit of fresh air. 😉


2. Offline

Keep to the law when training!

We all know it: On the bike, other road users often do not treat you the way you want them to. Nevertheless, behave appropriately in training – not just on the road.


Safety first

No matter what – your safety comes first. You do not feel safe with the runner you found through enducoFRIENDS? Let us know! In case of doubt, contact the local police authority (in Germany call 110).

But, also in road traffic or training in the forest, or in the affected areas: Take a cell phone with you and/or tell someone before your workout, where you intend to drive/run/swim/etc. Better safe than sorry.


Respect other athletes and their achievements

Yes, it may be annoying when, during racing or in training, a slower athlete blocks the way for a while or does not ride to the far right. But he/she has also trained (or is currently in training) for a long and hard time to reach his/her goal. There are certainly more examples of this, but you know what we are aiming for. See above: “Be kind.”


With all planning and caution: Listen to your body

We make every effort to create our offerings and incorporate the latest scientific knowledge – all to provide you with the best possible service. And yet: Listen to your body! You feel tired, but the plan is intense unity? Let us know (later on the app) and take a break. Through your feedback, we learn to do so. Nobody knows you better than you.


Respect your environment – do not leave any trash.

Meaning in races AND in training! There is enough garbage on the roads, forest & dirt roads of this world. It does not hurt anyone to dump their garbage and dispose of it at home.


Doping sucks.

Unfortunately, doping is on the increase, not only in professional sports but also in popular sports. As the number of enthusiastic athletes increases, so does the density of performance. Take this sportily and not as an incentive to help with illegal substances. Should one of our users be transferred as doper, the termination of the user account follows.

Enjoy getting better!

You team at enduco