We trust that everyone will be „sporty“ and fair with each other. Nevertheless, we have some thoughts on „rules of the game“ that apply to all our users and are listed here. However, we are aware of the fact, that we can’t check on all of them regularly. To do so, besides common sense, we also need you!

If you have suggestions or comments, then let us know! Just drop us an e-mail to bebetter@enduco.app


Be kind
That basically says it all. If you condescend to others, show unfair or unsportsmanlike behaviour or otherwise misbehave, you have no place in our community. Here we rely on common sense: behave as you would like others to behave towards you.

Respect other users
Respect each other. Everyone performs differently, has different views, sexual or religious orientation. None of this makes one better or worse than the other.

Your right to privacy
Your data is yours. In order for us to offer you the best possible training, we need some training specific data from you. The following always applies: We handle it carefully and are always aware of your trust. Of course, you are responsible for everything you share on our platform, for example in chat with other users or in your profile. We advise everyone to be careful with their own data.  

Leave bad mood somewhere different – maybe during training?
As mentioned above: There will be no disrespectful behavior at enduco. Lace up your running shoes and power yourself up in the fresh air – this will drive away even the worst mood.


Keep to the law when training!
We all know it: On the bike, other road users do not treat you with much respect at times. Nevertheless, behave appropriately and exemplary in training and especially in traffic.

Safety first
In road traffic, when training in the forest and especially in remote areas you should carry a mobile phone with you. Even better: Before training, inform someone where you plan to go, run or swim. Better safe than sorry.

Respect other athletes and their achievements
Yes, it may be a challenge when an inexperienced athlete unintentionally hinders or slows you down in training or even in a race. But even he/she has trained long and hard or is just about to reach his/her goal. In any case: be respectful and helpful – just as you would wish.

With all planning and caution: Listen to your body
We make every effort to provide you with the best possible service and incorporate the latest scientific findings. And yet: Listen to your body! You feel tired but there is an intensive session on the schedule? Let us know in the app and take a break. Your feedback will help us to learn. Nobody knows you better than yourself.

Respect your environment – do not leave any trash…
…both in the race and in training! There is enough garbage on the roads, in the forest and on the trails of this world. Respectful behaviour includes respect for our nature. Dump your garbage in trash cans or at home. You want to do more? Be an example for others and dispose of the other garbage that others have carelessly left behind.

Doping sucks.
Unfortunately, doping is on the increase not only in professional but also in age group sports. As the number of enthusiastic athletes increases, so does the performance density. Think of it as a sporting challenge and not as an incentive to help out with illegal substances. If we have knowledge of a proven doping violation, we will draw our consequences.

Those Community Standards help us to create a respectful, helpful, fair and pleasant atmosphere in which training is fun and no one is discriminated or treated unfairly. Following the rules, should not be a hassle for anyone, but should meet the idea of good behaviour.

Enjoy getting better!
Your team at enduco